kalem and Jonelle

Kalem & Jonelle Kazarian

Our Approach

Relationships are important to us.  We have been working with some of the same people for over 20 years, and we keep coming back to the value of the people in the projects.  As a general contracting company we bridge the gap between homeowners and subcontractors, with the goal of producing a finished product that everyone is glad to have been apart of creating.

My Story

I grew up on a farm in Fowler, California, and learned how to do a little bit of everything.  What I liked most was working on building projects.  I got a degree in Agricultural Engineering, but I couldn't imagine sitting in an office full time, so I got a job as a laborer with a construction company, and starting at the bottom I worked my way up as an apprentice and then to a journey level carpenter.  Eventually, going out on my own, and adding employees.  As much as I enjoy the process, and the projects, I really enjoy the people I work with the most.

Meet the our Project Managers

Each of them are unique in their abilities and create a cohesive unit to serve the client. Project Managers use an online software called BuilderTrend that helps keep projects on schedule, communicates with subs and clients, and is a place for information about the project to be stored.


Josh Oaks

Project Manager


Nick Chandler

Project Manager


Johnny Lee Herrin Jr.

Project Manager